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Granger unpatriotically pushed Guyana into a constitutional crisis

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first_imgDear Editor,The world recently witnessed how Mr David Granger unpatriotically pushed Guyana into a constitutional crisis when he used strongman politics to disrespect and deny the constitutional rights of Guyanese. In keeping with his strongman attitude, he refused to call elections within the constitutional timeframe required by the successful passage of the No-Confidence Motion on December 21, 2018.Mr Granger’s behaviour does not surprise us at all. He is addicted to bullying others. This is exactly how the PNC operates. We can all remember how we were forced to live through the Granger-style bullying under the Forbes Burnham Administration for decades. Also, we can all remember the infamous Red House saga where Mr Granger bullied his way to gain illegal occupancy of the Red House instead of resolving matters in the courts. This kind of PNC strongman tactic sends the wrong message to our people and it drives the sky-high incarceration rate in Guyana. The Guyanese people need to stop Mr Granger in his tracks by drawing awareness to his antics.At the moment, Mr Granger squats in office as an illegal President who is determined to remain in power through illegal and immoral means. Corrupt entities with strong PNC influence like GECOM have also flagrantly trampled Guyanese to help Mr Granger evade the elections. To this end, GECOM cannot be trusted. GEOM needs to explain how it arrived at the February timeline for elections. The people of Guyana deserve to know. We deserve respect.And to my fellow Guyanese, let us see how long Mr Granger will continue to squat in office. Mr Granger needs to be reminded that dictators are never tolerated in this world. To this end, foreign diplomats have established that the Guyanese Government has violated the Constitution. This is important because the world will now interact with Mr Granger according to standard protocols reserved for handling dictators. And of course, international sanctions will soon bite him. He will not like it.But within Guyana, Mr Granger goes unpunished for breaking the laws and he is even supported by his fellow unpatriotic PNC comrades. To this end, men like Mr Lincoln Lewis and Dr David Hinds resort to profound lawlessness to defend Guyana’s dictator. The political situation is downright disgraceful. Mr Lewis comically demanded that Parliament must reconvene to extend the life of Government in spite that Mr Granger trampled the constitutional rights of Guyanese. Mr Lewis and Dr Hinds must know that bullies and dictators are never rewarded and tolerated in this world. Life is very painful because of these men. These men must come to their senses. They must know that morality is important. Guyana needs to move forward. Also, the world must know that Dr Hinds spews raw dysfunction because of his instincts in protecting his daughter’s welfare. Dr Hinds even wielded his power to appoint his daughter as a Minister within the APNU/PNC/AFC coalition in a dark transaction. Her qualifications were never disclosed. Dr Hind’s interest is in his daughter’s paycheck, not the welfare of Guyanese. Dr Hinds has got to be shortsighted. He has even failed to see how his destructive actions will hurt his daughter along with every Guyanese in the long run. Guyana is powered by bad behaviours that keep it under-developed. And the much-anticipated oil wealth will do nothing for Guyana. Our behaviour stinks in this country.Dysfunction is overt within the PNC. Mr Granger shamelessly fights tooth and nail for his rights but trample the rights of others. He has on numerous occasions been allegedly involved in instigating his supporters to riot and burn. Currently, he is threatening peaceful protesters who draw attention to his lawlessness. Mr Granger remains highly uncivilised. And I agree with my fellow Guyanese that he is a law breaker, a dictator and a bully. Guyana does not need a President with such qualities.Given who Mr Granger is, it is clear that if he loses the upcoming elections, he will never give up power. And so the Guyanese people need to be prepared for this.Sincerely,Dr Annie Baliramlast_img read more

Fugitive’s mother arraigned for threatening witness

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first_imgLa Grange Police Station escapeeA woman who is said to be the mother of a murder accused who fled custody from the La Grange, West Bank Demerara, Police Station nearly one month ago, has threatened a witness in her son’s case.Chardamani Jhagroo of Good Intent, WBD, appeared at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on Thursday where she entered a guilty plea on the charge which stated that on August 6, 2016, she used threatening language against the virtual complainant, VC [name withheld] who police said is a witness in the murder investigation of which Anthony Jaghroo is the main suspect.Jhagroo, 20, had been held in connection with the Bell West, WBD, murder of mechanic Yogeshwar Shivcharran who died six days after he was severely beaten by a group of his neighbours.The trial of Chardamani was held in camera.Reports had indicated that the fugitive Jhagroo escaped during the wee morning hours of July 13, 2016, when there was a power outage in Region Three. He escaped through a gap in the wall of lockups at the Police Station, despite two ranks on duty at the time.The Bell West mechanic, 31, was beaten by a group of drunken neighbours, earlier in July.Shivcharran suffered regular seizures and in a mental episode, he had removed his clothing and approached his neighbours, who were at that time consuming alcohol nearby. These neighbours reportedly pelted him with beer bottles before beating him.Police had questioned and released three women in connection with the incident while Jhagroo had been held at the Station on July 12 before making his escape, the next day.Police later issued a wanted bulletin soliciting the public’s help in recapturing the murder suspect. He is still on the run,last_img read more