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first_imgSeveral affiliates of Planned Parenthood are suing the Department of Health and Human Services over its efforts to impose an abstinence-only focus on its Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.The lawsuits were filed Friday in federal courts in New York City and Spokane, Washington, by four different Planned Parenthood affiliates covering New York City and six states including Iowa and Nebraska.Planned Parenthood says the lawsuits are intended to protect the future of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program from what they termed ineffective abstinence-only curriculums.The Trump administration has announced that it would end funding for what Planned Parenthood called science-based portions of the program.APlast_img

New Brunswick government agency offers lessons on how to roll a joint

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first_imgFREDERICTON – It’s not exactly Cheech and Chong University, but New Brunswick’s new government cannabis agency is offering lessons on how to roll a joint.The Cannabis NB website includes a “Cannabis 101” section to teach people new to the recreational drug how to prepare it.It says to break down your cannabis until it looks like the consistency of oregano — but adds it should not smell like oregano.The instructions — which include pictures — say to “fill the centre of the rolling paper with your ground cannabis and distribute it evenly so that your joint does not resemble a hill, with a bulge in the middle.”The website goes on to say how to shape the joint, and ends with “finish and enjoy.”Other topics include the different kinds of cannabis and their effects, and how to keep your cannabis fresh.last_img read more