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For the betterment of all animals

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first_imgBeth FrankPresident/FounderCommunity Cats United, Inc. To the Editor:Regarding the article “Sylvester or Tweety?,” as president of Community Cats United, Inc, a group of 22,500 members and 1,000 groups in 111 countries and all 50 US states, you know which side of this debate I fall on.I could start reciting the fault in these one-sided “scientific” studies and the other misinformation often spewed by bird lovers, which are automatically cat haters I guess. I won’t.Instead, I have a novel idea for you. Lets instead work together to change things for the betterment of all animals in Bayonne? Joan Brunner, a bird person quoted in the article, suggested the need for an animal shelter. That, along with a TNR program, would change things immensely.last_img