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Medicaid drawdown will help UVM foot bill for graduate medical education

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first_imgby Alan Panebaker vtdigger.org One big ticket item for the state’s 2012 budget adjustment act is $30 million for graduate medical education for funding residencies and fellowships for medical students at the University of Vermont.UVM will cover the state’s $12.76 million share of the Medicaid match, according to the Department of Vermont Health Access budget adjustment request. Federal funds will cover the rest of the $30 million total.University of Vermont College of Medicine, courtesy of UVM.Because of UVM’s relationship with the state, the federal government matches the money as if it came from the state. This is the first time UVM has footed the bill for payments of this type, although it is becoming a common practice in numerous other states.According to officials from Fletcher Allen Health Care, the drawdown of federal funds will help increase Medicaid’s chronic underpayments to the hospital. In addition to services for Medicaid patients, the funding will help fund residencies at Fletcher Allen.The funding mechanism will open up funding for safety-net programs for low-income people without dipping into state coffers. As the state’s only academic medical center, Fletcher Allen Health Care, the University of Vermont and the UVM Medical Group provide a safety net for low-income and uninsured Vermonters.As part of an agreement with the Department of Vermont Health Access, UVM agreed to provide a quality assurance report to the state to make sure the program provides benefits to Medicaid beneficiaries. DVHA Commissioner Mark Larson said part of this is ensuring people on Medicaid have access to care.Dr. John Brumsted, interim president and CEO for Fletcher Allen Health Care, presented the proposal to the House Committee on Health Care earlier this week.While Brumsted noted the matching federal funding will cover some of the costs where the hospital falls short, it will not make up for the consistent Medicaid underpayments.In addition to providing services to low-income residents on Medicaid, the funding is part of an overall effort to make sure the state has enough trained physicians, said Rep. Michael Fisher, D-Lincoln, who chairs the House health care committee. Fisher said he hopes this means more residencies for primary care physicians.Uninsured and underinsured residents do not go to the doctor enough, Fisher said, and generally this means they do not seek treatment until health problems become more dire.‘We know we need more primary care,’ he said.Currently, about 39 percent of residency programs at Fletcher Allen are in primary care specialties like family medicine, while the rest are in other specialties like anesthesiology or orthopaedics, according to Brumsted’s presentation.Shifting to more primary care is not as simple as going out and adding residencies, Brumsted noted in committee. Rep. George Till, D-Jericho, a physician and member of the health care committee, added that it requires attracting candidates but most medical students choose residencies in more lucrative specialties. January 9, 2012 vtdigger.orglast_img read more

The Roving Caregivers’ Programme is eagerly anticipating the visit of Early Childhood Development Professor Mary Ann Marchel

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first_img Sharing is caring! Professor Maryann Marchel. Photo credit: cehd.umn.eduMary Ann Marchel, an Early Childhood Development Professor from the University of Minnesota arrives in Dominica on July 12th for a week-long visit which will focus on Early Childhood Development.The Professor, who has had many academic publications pertaining to early childhood development and whose doctoral dissertation title was ‘Parental Satisfaction with Birth-to-Three Early Intervention Service who Adopt a Child with a Disability’ is expected to participate in a field visit with the Roving Caregivers’ Programme and conduct stimulation activities in San Sauveur/Dixpas and in the Carib Territory on July 14th. She is also scheduled to host a session with Pre-school teachers and Roving Caregivers on Autism and Brain Development, conduct material making exercises and have meetings with the Roving Caregivers’ Programme Staff, the East Dominica Children’s Federation Coordinator and the ChildFund Programme Manager during her visit.Staff members of the Roving Caregivers’ Programme are eagerly anticipating the educational exchanges that will result from her visit and wish her a productive and enjoyable visit to the Commonwealth of Dominica.Press ReleaseRoving Caregivers Programme (RCP) Dominica Share Share Sharecenter_img Tweet 52 Views   no discussions LocalNews The Roving Caregivers’ Programme is eagerly anticipating the visit of Early Childhood Development Professor Mary Ann Marchel by: – July 12, 2011last_img read more

MercyOne says off-site COVID-19 testing clinic will start soon

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first_imgMASON CITY A MercyOne North Iowa official says testing will start soon at a mobile clinic located at the North Iowa Events Center for those who think they may have the symptoms of COVID-19.Senior Vice President Theresa Mock says they hope to have that open by this afternoon, but people must call in to be screened to see if testing for COVID-19 is necessary.  “The idea behind this is if you do have screening that indicates that you are to be tested for COVID-19, you would be able to come there and stay away from the doctor’s office or the emergency room, and keeping you away from other sick people. There is however a limited number of tests, and so because of that, we are only testing people who meet specific criteria from the Iowa Department of Public Health.”If you feel that you have the symptoms for COVID-19, you can call the CG Public Health hotline at 494-3546 or 494-3547 where you will be screened to see if you need to be tested.  “If they feel that you are eligible to have testing done, we will want you to call Mercy Family Health Line where they will register you and give you the instructions where to go for the mobile testing site and next steps at that time. If you are emergently ill of course we want you to call us and go to the emergency room, but if it’s not an emergency, please stay at home and call CG health or Mercy Family Health Line to evaluate what your needs are.”Mock recommends that if you are sick, self-isolation is the best thing to do.   “If you’re having mild symptoms, 80% of people that do end up with COVID-19 will have the mild symptoms, they don’t require to be hospitalized, and they don’t require any treatment other than routine home care. If you’re having mild symptoms, we ask that you self isolate at home, regardless if you think it’s a cold, flu,  or the COVID-19.”Mock says those coming to the hospital with mild symptoms or less of sickness are putting a huge strain on their resources and capabilities.  “Coming into the emergency room in that case will strain the healthcare resources that we need to treat the other 20% that are more vulnerable and are impacted by COVID-19. it also puts you at greater risk to both spread the disease or to contract it if you don’t have it. Please stay home when you don’t feel well. This is very key to flattening the curve and preventing that spike of infections.”For more information, you can call the CG Public Health hotline at 494-3546 or 494-3547, and the phone number for the Mercy Family Health hotline is 428-7777,last_img read more