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Buffalo Bills Win First Playoff Game In 25 Years After Topping Colts 27-24

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first_imgBuffalo BIlls Quarterback Josh Allen. Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts, Super Wild Card Game, January 9, 2021 at Bills Stadium. Photo by Bill Wippert / BuffaloBills.com.ORCHARD PARK – The Buffalo Bills won their first playoff game in 25 years after defeating the Indianapolis Colts 27-24 on Saturday afternoon.Dawson Knox (88) touchdown celebration. Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts, Super Wild Card Game, January 9, 2021 at Bills Stadium. Photo by Bill Wippert / BuffaloBills.com.The matchup kicked off the NFL’s expanded wild card weekend. This is the first time since 1996 that the Buffalo Bills hosted a playoff game.The Indianapolis Colts visited Buffalo in the first of three games Saturday. The Bills earned the No. 2 seed in the AFC’s seven-team playoff field behind Kansas City.That game will be followed by two NFC games: the Rams visit Seattle and Tom Brady leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Washington. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“We Are in the War’s Final Phase”: President Santos Reiterates Backing for Ministry of Defense

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first_imgBy Dialogo April 20, 2011 Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos affirmed on 18 April that the country is in the final phase of the fight for peace, and it is therefore urgent that government forces redouble their efforts and multiply the number of actions in order to achieve that victory. “In every war, the final phase is the most complicated, the most difficult, and we’re in that final phase,” the president said at the Management Dialogues event held at the Defense Ministry. The head of state reaffirmed his confidence in the Armed Forces and invited their members to continue pressing forward, since “the challenge is a large one.” He highlighted Colombians’ backing for the work performed by members of government forces. He declared that “the work that is being done here in the ministry depends on that, and so does the fact that our heroes (because I’ve always considered them that way, our heroes), our soldiers, our police officers, our marines are all over our national territory, risking their lives; the achievement of that goal is going to depend on them. It’s a goal that the entire country supports,” he said. He affirmed that the ministry’s objectives are ambitious, but he indicated that he is sure that they will be met, because he had the opportunity to get to know the capabilities of the military as defense minister. “I remember very well that when I arrived at this ministry, we proposed to strike telling blows at the FARC secretariat, and people laughed: that’s what all the ministers have been saying for the last forty years. Well, thanks to your work, we’ve succeeded in striking the heaviest blows that have been struck against these FARC bandits in history,” he added. He reiterated that security is one of the national government’s priorities, as a fundamental starting point for prosperity. “We consider the work being done by the Ministry of Defense to be the most important of all. Security, as I’ve repeated on many, many occasions, is the foundation of progress. The Romans themselves, when they invented the republic, said that security is the republic’s first law. If that law is not enforced, the others become toothless,” President Santos indicated.last_img read more

Narcotrafficking Is Venezuela’s War Weapon in the Region, Experts Say

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first_imgBy Gonzalo Abarca and Nathaly Salas Guaithero / Voice of America December 16, 2019 The tentacles of narcotrafficking in South America have reached into all sectors of society and in some cases, have defeated entire governments that now sponsor the activity and attempt to destabilize the region, analysts interviewed by Voice of America say.Martín Rodíl, a specialist in organized crime and narcotrafficking, says that Venezuela went from being a country with the presence of narcotrafficking groups to a “narcostate” under former President Hugo Chávez (1999-2013).“What’s new is the role of Venezuela as a state and not as a country with criminal organizations, but as a state sponsoring them,” said Rodíl in VOA’s program Inter-American Forum.Analysts agreed that the Venezuelan and Cuban governments sponsor cocaine trafficking to finance destabilizing operations in countries of the region and undermine the continent’s democratic institutions.Hugo Chávez, the ghostFor Leandro Coutinho, writer and investigative journalist who specializes in transnational crime and hemispheric security, Venezuela is more than a narcostate.“In Venezuela, the destructions come from narcotraffickers. The Venezuelan state carries out narcotrafficking,” Coutinho added.Coutinho insists that Chávez was the main architect behind the new narcotrafficking routes, while the current regime of Nicolás Maduro continues to operate them.“Chávez has created a very important cocaine route toward the Northern Triangle, toward Central America and Mexico. He did so jointly with Cuba, as a way to destabilize the region and affect the United States,” the expert said.Coutinho warned that narcotrafficking causes instability and chaos, undermining the institutional foundations of democracies. “Narcotrafficking is a war weapon. That’s how Fidel [Castro] won Hugo Chávez over.”New mix: State, narcotrafficking, invasionsVíctor Amram, retired commissioner of Venezuela’s Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigations Corps, said Chávez created what is known today as a “modern narcostate.”“What Chávez did was to take advantage of Venezuela’s corruption, the deterioration that already existed, and then polished and improved it. Chávez was the instigator of this mix of networks: drugs, narcotrafficking, corruption, and political and military invasions,” said Amram.Everybody’s fightThe experts agreed that the fight against drugs led by the United States, is the responsibility of the entire continent.The moral imperative, they said, is a unified fight with all countries working side by side against a common enemy: narcotrafficking.“We need to stop saying that the United States is losing the war against narcotrafficking,” Rodíl said. “We are all losing it.”Rodíl added that the narcotrafficking issue cannot be left to the United States alone.“Venezuela lost the day it let someone like Hugo Chávez take office and turn the Venezuelan state into a sponsor for criminal activity, such as narcotrafficking,” he concluded.last_img read more