Showcasing cultural heritage of South Korea

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first_imgEvery part of the inhabited world has some kind of cultural heritage and to explore the idiosyncrasies of a country like South Korea, Shampa Guhamajumdar during her visit to the place, came up with pictures to showcase them to the Indian audience. ‘Colours of Korea’ is an exhibition of photographs clicked by Shampa Guhamajumdar that will be hosted by Korean Cultural Centre, India.She has captured images that exhibit the theme of natural beauty. She has focused on landscapes that adorn the country so well.  She says, “There is only one message that I want to give to the world and that is ‘love the nature’. Every country has different flora and fauna and one should try to explore it.”  There is an Indian perspective towards the Korean landscape which is reflected by the images clicked by her. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’She recalls her stay in Korea and reveals that people there were curious about Indian food culture, dress, film and wanted to visit India. From childhood she has liked photography because her father was an amateur photographer.  She talks about the difficulty a woman faces in a profession like photography. She says, “It is very difficult for women. I am lucky that my husband fully supports me. So I can try my best to click good pictures. But the main thing is that we cannot go anywhere at any time. Some places are not safe for ladies.”She being skeptical about lack of awareness about South Korea amongst Indians, adds, “For us Singapore, Beijing and Bangkok are common destination these days. But I feel we do not know very well about Korea, we associate Korean culture with China and Japan, which is wrong. They have their own culture with incredible scenic beauty and four seasons. I think it is the safest country in the world.”last_img

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