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first_imgNEW DIRECTORSThe following are the directors appointed for Cranes Club Europe during 2019. Their primary responsibilities include supporting the development of Cranes Club projects, management of the organisation’s finances, and overseeing the preparations for the third Annual Meeting in 2019.Inoë André is a software engineer since November 2017. He graduated from Grenoble Instutite of Technology with honours in Signal and Image processing. His work in Paris consists in developing programs and applications to improve electricity consumption management.As a director of Cranes Club, he wants to help CC members develop inspiring professional career and provide networking support so that they can harmoniously contribute to the society.Veronica Dostilio is currently studying International Business Administration at BSP university in Berlin. She has been active with service projects and volunteering in Europe and in the Philippines over the past few years. And now she is focus in getting her Bachelor and studying German.She joined CC with the desire and motivation to encourage and support networking in our communities, to maintain a connection and awareness of how much we can achieve when we unite, share and inspire each other.Ceri Jones is a Paraplanner training to be a Financial Adviser & eventually take over the family business from her father. She has a degree in International Business, Finance & Economics from the University of Manchester. Her work mainly consists of advising individuals & businesses on life insurance, pensions & investments.She is passionate about the Cranes Club as a means of connecting people of similar or complementary aspirations in order to share the wealth of talent, skills & ideas within our community to build inspiring & successful ventures.Ely Loew is an experienced digital marketer, working with the world’s largest advertisers (Google) on integrated Video and Display product solutions. He specializes in YouTube strategy and international branding campaign coordination, and has excellent product knowledge of the digital video marketplace, including non-Google products and solutions. Ely has served as a Director of Cranes Club Europe since 2016 and he is also national leader of FFWPU in the Republic of Ireland.Samuel H. Muruzábal actually is a IT consultant and programer at Everis for the NATO implementing ERPs in their agencies. He graduated in Business Management at UAM, passing through other universities as UPNA, Carlos III and Harvard. He has experience in different sectors as accounting and finance, international marketing in Shanghai, retail manager and programmer.He would like to help CC members to achieve their goals, such as their professional careers or starting their own projects. Helping creating a solid networking and guidance with the experience, knowledge and talent of our members. MAIN PROGRAMOn the first evening of the program, participants were welcomed by an opening address from the director of Espacio Ronda, Armando Lozano, who shared some insights into managing a gallery and concert space as well as the artists themselves. Following this a director of Cranes Club, Ely Loew, explained with full transparency the situation that Cranes Club faced in 2018. In fact, nothing really impactful could be reported as directors lacked time and volunteers to organize conferences. There was then a public speaking practice session of sorts where attendees introduced themselves in order to break the ice. During this there was some positive and valuable feedback about Cranes Club shared.The main program took place on the Saturday and began with three inspiring keynote addresses. The first was given by Yves Champollion, founder of wordfast. He shared the basic idea that brought to life his added value in the professional translation world and how his software could become the second most used in the industry of translation. Then, Miguel Calvis Calpe, director of finances and human resources in Tongil Group, explained how the company would sustain its business through selling healthy  and natural product. This was followed by the valuable presentation of Rodrigo Lopez, representative of Loyverse. Loyverse has a Point of Sale application that help merchant and shopkeepers to improve their sells by managing orders, stock and supplies more efficiently. Rodrigo could clearly show that the growth of Loyverse is promising.After the keynote addresses there were networking sessions split into smaller groups by area of interest, which included: business and finance, entrepreneurship and general networking. During this time participants could share about their personal interests and experiences of the professional environment, having the opportunity to meet new people, build connections, and have passionate discussions on topical issues.In the afternoon, participants joined 2 breakout sessions out of 3 that included workshops and presentations on the following themes: finding spirituality in finance (Chris and Ceri Jones); building a strong team culture (Jonathan Jesper), building a business from scratch (Yves Champollion). More information about each of the speakers and their sessions can be found below.The main part of the program concluded with a social evening that included an atmospheric dinner with many opportunities for cosy conversations. During the fireside talk Geros Kunkel offered a personal testimony about his experience as an older second generation Unificationist, finding meaning in his marriage, being a husband, a father, how to pass from being a part of the ESGD team to start a regular work, and still finding time for faith and hobbies.The evening culminated in a concierto de shakuhachi an open cultural event held in Espacio Ronda. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGA number of Cranes Club members who could not attend, were still able to join in virtually alongside all the other participants on Sunday morning during the Annual General Meeting. During the session, there was a reminder of the Cranes Club constitution and the nomination of the 2018 directors. In addition to this, membership also voted on the allocation of the second Cranes Club Europe grant (€1000 and €500). The€1000 grant was awarded to a charity project however it was made clear that this was not for the charity itself but for the entrepreneurial spirit that the applicants showed by making this project a reality (click this link to see a video from last year project). Thus it was agreed the project would receive the full €1000 however half of the grant was given as a loan. The other grant of €500 was kept for next year.As well as some discussion about how to resolve the lack of time of directors issues and finances, it was determined directors could hire an administrative manager for 100 hours at €15 per hour. Also, directors should find some ambassadors that will  promote cranes club in local communities in an effort to help promote and grow the Cranes Club network. Some suggestions were made concerning the aims of the 2018 Directors; these will be decided in the coming month and sent out to membership. The minutes of the AGM can be viewed by clicking on this link. By Inoë  André, Cranes Clube EuropeThis year’s annual Cranes Club conference was held on March 3rd – 5th , at Espacio Ronda in Madrid and was attended by some twenty five professionals from across Europe (including a guest from the USA). The event was the smallest group in the last 4 years, owing to national days surrounding the weekend, the late announcement of the event and the location which is fully booked months before and is far away from many European countries. This not only understandably takes precedence for many with limited funds, but also resulted in the Directors scheduling the event a month later than usual. All things considered, our weekend of guest speakers, networking sessions, mini workshops, and socializing proved impactful, with participants rating the overall success of the event 7.83 out of 10 and willing to support Cranes Club.Some of the highlights of the conference included a variety of interesting and thought-provoking breakout sessions and inspiring keynote speeches. The annual general meeting saw the departure of three of the 2018 directors, Florent Chaillié, Antto Hassinen and Romica Spiegl-Jones, the re-election of Inoë André and Ely Loew, as well as the welcoming of three new board members, Veronica Dostilio, Ceri Jones and Samuel Muruzàbal (see below for more information about the 2019 Board of Directors). With this comes the exciting beginning of a new year, new goals and progress towards building a vibrant community of professionals from a Unificationist background. We look forward to you joining us in the year ahead! SpeakersYVES CHAMPOLLION, KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Yves Champollion has over 30 years experience as a pioneer in the translation and localization industry. He began developing software in the 1980’s and in 1999, he developed Wordfast, as MS Word-based translation memory tool. As the author of several articles on translation and the speaker at a number of high-profile industry events, he is an esteemed voice and well-respected figure in the language services industry.MIGUEL CALVIS CALPE, KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Miguel Calvis Calpe is responsible of the Financial and HR department of Tongil Group Spain. He joined the company in 1.983 and since then it has helped the business to grow from a tiny business selling Korean-imported Ginseng on the streets to a conglomerate of enterprises employing over 100 people and developing activities as diverse as, manufacturing of dietary supplements, graphic design, e-learning courses, boat rentals and others. During his time at the company he has experienced different financial situations, including several economic crisis, that overall have enabled him to gather extensive insights on how to sustain business growth. In his own words, ‘if we have hope in the future, and if we work correctly, sooner or later the results will come’. He is married to Maryvonne Jamois and they have two children.RODRIGO LOPEZ HAHN, KEYNOTE SPEAKER: My name is Rodrigo López Hahn, I’m 24 years old an I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. After graduating high school I went straight into university to study maths, it didn’t go well and I dropped off. It was then when at the age of 19, I joined STF for 2 years looking for different experiences and strengthen my life of faith. I can say I gained a lot there, but I understood that I  still had so much to do, so much to learn, and I told myself to be open for any new opportunity I came across. Shortly after I got to know about Loyverse project and, inspired by the vision of creating a business culture based on True Parents philosophy, I decided to be part of it. From the very beginning I got involved in customer support, marketing, SEO and social media activities, which helped me to quickly gain practical skills and become knowledgeable in the entrepreneurial field. I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in the cranes club for the first time and be able to share our experiences and results. I’m also expecting to listen and learn from others’ and together find ways of how to apply the Principle in all aspects of our life.JONATHAN JESPER, KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jonathan Jesper is an entrepreneur currently doing 7 figures in sales and making 6 figures in profit selling on through private labelling. He had a short history of doing arbitrage, reselling books and other discounted items for retail prices, but stumbled upon an online course which has lead him to a life working on a laptop on his own time. He has been generous in sharing his success by coaching others to achieve what he has and more. Jonathan lives in Las Vegas NV together with his wife Yuri and cutest son Kesung.CHRIS AND CERI JONES, ETHICAL INVESTMENT (PRESENTATION): Chris Jones is a financial planner based in England. He is the director of Providential Finance, the family financial planning business. Providential finance helps families and businesses to increase their wealth, gain financial freedom and protect themselves and those they care for.GEROS KUNKEL, FIRESIDE TALK: Geros Kunkel was one of the pioneers of second generation education, developing the ESGD and founding several Education programs. He also led the 2nd Gen Blessing department for many years, and has always been passionate about 2nd Gen education. He was Blessed in 1997 and now has four kids. In 2013, Geros moved into the private sector, working for a logistics company in Germany.last_img

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