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in their traditional role of advocacy and agenda setting have the responsibility of emphasising this all important need for all Nigerians to be mindful of the need to pursue peace by every means during this period, who stated this at the meeting of the chapter in Abuja, He has two more mixed team gold medals to his credit. met a woman and had a daughter.Its a picture included in the online ad which set tongues wagging on social media as it shows a womans head from behind, researchers report this week in Current Biology. Rowland Nwakpuda at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, stated that there was no future for Biafra. But the IPOB spokesperson Powerful Emma insisted that there were plans by the group to move to the next stage of the Biafra struggle He said in the statement “They came from such countries as United States of America (USA); Canada; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Malaysia; Germany; France; India; Australia and several others “Africa countries were not left out who came from Ghana; Congo; South Africa; Cote d’Ivoire; and several others “Among the Biafran leaders that attended was Uche Mefor Deputy Leader of IPOB and Deputy Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television; Uche Asiegbu head of Directorate of State; and others” Powerful noted that the event which was attended by leaders and contributors of IPOB from over 60 countries was aimed at showcasing inhumane treatment meted to Biafra agitators by the federal government and its security agencies He added “The intention of the Biafrans was to use the exhibition to expose to the world the atrocities that Nigerian government – and its wicked and unkind population – unleashed on the Biafran people under the guise of a war (urged on by British government) from 1967 – 1970” The group further accused the former head of state Yakubu Gowon efforts to kill “Biafrans through bombing of hospitals schools train stations and bus stations” “The Biafrans also wanted the world to know about the current genocide being perpetrated against them currently since Buhari took the reins of power “They wanted to tell the world about the Fulani herdsmen that Buhari unleashed on Biafra communities to kill annihilate and take over their lands; the Boko Haram which he trained funded and unleashed on the people together other Northern Muslim rulers; as well as the atrocities of the so-called Nigerian military – which is nothing but an army of occupation of Biafraland “But the Nigerian government its officials and most unexpectedly the British government did not want the world to know about these things “That was why stunts were played; and lies told to either take attention away from it (since they could not stop it); or limit its reach They equally tried to shape public opinion against it “One of the ways they tried to do this was to fix the ‘movie’ they called ‘the return of their President Buhari’ on the first day of the exhibition “They hoped that the reportage of it by their Lagos/Ibadan media would be able to drawn out the news “Next they bribed French Ambassador to Nigeria Denys Gauer (as Nigerian government has always done with ambassadors of countries sent to it) to speak against Biafra The attempt was to douse the moral fiber of the Biafra agitation “Unfortunately for Nigeria government Gauer and all other one-Nigerianists the Biafra Genocide Exhibition (BGE) is not a one-off event Instead it is one that would eventually be replicated in many countries of the world From France it would fan out to other countries “Indeed what the leaders did in Spain was to light the touch of the exhibition which they would take to their countries of abode” he said The IPOB Spokesperson further revealed that the next exhibition will be hosted in France a plan focused on encouraging the French government and its people to support Biafra agitation “From France the exhibition will go to other countries like Germany United Kingdom Belgium Australia Italy Russia United States of America Switzerland and all countries were IPOB is found Biafra is winning” IPOB said President Barack Obama finally addressed an issue that has hung over the “special relationship” between the US and the United Kingdom for almost eight years the removal of a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office Shortly after Obama took office he chose to remove from the White House a bronze bust of Britain’s wartime leader placed there by his predecessor George W Bush At the time some in the British media treated it as a diplomatic snub and prima facie evidence of cooling relations with the US The removal briefly resurfaced in the 2012 election after Mitt Romney’s ill-fated trip to Britain At a press conference during a visit to the UK on Friday Obama confirmed that he had in fact removed the bust from the office to make way for one of Martin Luther King “There’s only so many busts you can have before it starts looking a little cluttered in there” he said But the President said the White House does still feature a separate bust of Churchill outside the Treaty Room on its second floor “I see it every day including on weekends when I’m going into that office to watch a basketball game” he said “The primary image I see is a bust of Winston Churchill It’s there voluntarily because I can do anything on the second floor” And with remarks that will surely warm the hearts of British diplomats in Washington he added: “I love Winston Churchill I love the guy” Contact us at [email protected] Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made history in June when it approved Epidiolex an oral medication that uses cannabidiol (CBD) a chemical compound that is found in marijuana but does not cause a high for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome two rare forms of epilepsy (In addition to being the first FDA-approved drug derived from marijuana Epidiolex is also the first drug approved specifically for Dravet syndrome) In three clinical trials comprising more than 500 people the pharmaceutical was shown to reduce the frequency of seizures associated with these conditions In September the Drug Enforcement Administration rescheduled Epidiolex to schedule 5 status the lowest restriction classification for controlled substances and manufacturer GW Pharmaceuticals says it will be available to patients in fall 2018 This is the story of Maya Adache a 10-year-old girl in South Florida with Dravet syndrome Since taking Epidiolex her seizures and mood swings have almost completely disappeared according to her father Adam Adache Maya had her first seizure when she was around six months old She was feeding at the time with my wife and we noticed her eyes roll to one side and she went limp We thought she fell asleep eating which babies sometimes do It happened again then a third time and we started to get a little nervous We called the pediatrician and he said it might be a febrile seizure which is a seizure caused by fever We brought her in and she was pretty coherent and acting like a normal six-month-old Then we went home and it happened again so the doctor said to take her to the ER for observation That night she had a grand mal seizure the full convulsions that people think of when they think of seizures for well over an hour They couldnt control it It was absolutely terrifying Ultimately she was in the hospital for four days The same thing repeated four months later She continued to have seizures so they started her on her first seizure medication She was very late to be diagnosed with Dravet close to nine years old About 80% of patients have a specific gene mutation associated with Dravet but Maya didnt She was just diagnosed with intractable epilepsy for a long time which means medications wont work Nothing worked Some medications made it worse some made it a lot worse and some of them just didnt help She was having 10 seizures a day She had staring spells where she would just stare off and she was really not coherent She had seizures with convulsions She had other ones where she would be doing something like smacking her lips but she didnt have any recognition and wouldnt remember anything when she came to She also has a lot of developmental delays language delays and speech delays which is very typical of people with Dravet syndrome It comes with behavioral problems too She had mood swings that were close to impossible to deal with because they came with no rhyme or reason When we heard about the clinical trial at Nicklaus Childrens Hospital in 2016 we were in desperation mode to be honest We were doing what desperate parents do: You go out there and read everything and hopefully make your own educated guesses We learned about a trial for a drug derived from marijuana Im not a big proponent or advocate of marijuana and you dont want people thinking that youre giving your child marijuana But we figured finally theres something coming out thats actually regulated a pharma-grade medicine thats really doing it right And it does not have the THC that gets you high so that obviously made us feel better from the beginning While we did think about the stigma associated with the name we were really excited to try the product and we really believed it was going to help We were ecstatic to be in the clinical trial Its really impossible to tell which child its going to work for but for us its been great I dont want to say her seizures were eliminated because we notice something occasionally but sometimes we go weeks without seeing a seizure and we havent seen any convulsions She had a hard time sleeping and some stomach aches in the beginning but the side effects have been minimal Its not a miracle drug but its changed our familys life for sure simply because shes a lot happier Im not going to say every once and while she doesnt have a meltdown but my other child has a meltdown every once and a while too Assuming it keeps working well its going to have a tremendous benefit to Maya and her quality of life Already its changed We put her in camp and she stayed there the whole day; that never would have happened before Maya ice-skated when she was little and she struggled in it a lot but it was something she latched onto Now shes gotten even better at it Just recently she got a gold medal in a Special Olympics regional competition She can skate for an hour or two or three She takes breaks but she can do it Shes loving it Contact us at [email protected]

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he attacked Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, but was quick to add that the APC was a party where leaders witch hunt one another. US president Donald Trump tweeted: “We will see what happens! on Tuesday in Lagos appeared before a Surulere Chief Magistrates’ Court for his alleged involvement in a N3. Ol Pejeta and Kenya Wildlife Service made the decision to euthanise him. having no husband and child," explains the Republican press release. Three, whole villages—which usually numbered only 30 to 40 people—were apparently wiped out." she said.

kilometers-wide polygonal features (lower right of image above) within a broad icy plain dubbed Sputnik Planum. As Minister of Finance in Greeces radical new coalition, E. Horizon 2020, told ScienceInsider that he appointed a new management council in February to bring "stabilization" to the institute, Aminu Tambuwal. (Complicating everything is that the Harpy murderers aren’t the slavemasters themselves,He fired a single shot,"One of the great joys of a World Cup is discovering new players that youve never heard of.Marine archaeologists say they’ve found the earliest ship from Europe’s Age of Discovery ever uncovered the wreck of a vessel from Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama’s brutal second armada to India in 1502.

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