VTrans announces new roadway and bridge openings

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first_imgUS 50.000000007.32900000SuttonREOPENED VT 96.130000006.85000000BenningtonROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000003.96900000KillingtonROAD CLOSED VT 730.000000003.00400000BrandonROAD CLOSED VT 1002.469000007.30200000WilmingtonROAD CLOSED VT 120.000000006.69000000BerlinROAD CLOSED RoadFromMMToMMTownStatus VT 300.000000000.29700000SudburyROAD CLOSED VT 1550.000000000.14300000WallingfordROAD CLOSED VT 120.000000001.38300000PomfretROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000001.14900000MoretownROAD CLOSED VT 30.000000003.28300000ProctorROAD CLOSED US 40.000000005.64500000WoodstockROAD CLOSED US 3020.000000007.90400000Groton1 LANE OPEN VT 1310.000000007.65200000CavendishROAD CLOSED VT 730.000000008.78200000RochesterROAD CLOSED VT 100A0.000000004.76200000PlymouthROAD CLOSED US 70.000000007.30000000BrandonROAD CLOSED VT 1160.000000006.58700000MiddleburyROAD CLOSED US 40.000000005.92800000MendonROAD CLOSED VT 90.000000003.20000000BrattleboroROAD CLOSED VT 2420.000000002.13300000MontgomeryROAD CLOSED US 40.059000001.23400000Rutland TownROAD CLOSED VT 1002.000000002.60500000WaitsfieldREOPENED I 89 SB90.9070000097.87300000ColchesterREOPENED VT 172.200000002.31300000BristolDAYTIME CLOSURE VT 1000.000000007.37300000WardsboroROAD CLOSED US 40.000000008.49500000KillingtonROAD CLOSED VT 120.000000009.61500000BarnardROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000008.43700000LudlowROAD CLOSED VT 1080.0000000013.14100000Cambridge1 LANE OPEN I 91 SB28.4020000035.33400000RockinghamROAD CLOSED VT 1054.320000005.95800000BrightonROAD CLOSED VT 161.280000002.36900000BartonREOPENED VT 7B0.000000000.77400000WallingfordROAD CLOSED VT 90.000000007.16000000WilmingtonROAD CLOSED VT 1030.000000003.17000000ShrewsburyREOPENED The Vermont Agency of Transportation announces that today they have opened five (5) bridges in Bennington and Rutland Counties, and twenty (20) segments of downed roadways throughout the state in response to Hurricane Irene.These road improvements are spread across the state system, extending from the North on Route 242 in Westfield to as far south as Vermont Route 103 in Ludlow and Chester.  The five bridges are in Bennington and Rutland Counties, including two bridges in Manchester on US Route 7, one in Mount Tabor on US Route 7, one in Pawlet on Vermont 149, and one in Sunderland on US Route 7.‘We continue to deploy all our state resources to the effort of responding to and recovering from this emergency situation,’ stated Brian Searles, Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  ‘Our top priority continues to be establishing emergency access to the isolated communities, while simultaneously developing plans for temporary and permanent repairs throughout the system,’ he said. VTrans is establishing two Regional Incident Command Centers in Dummerston and Rutland which will be activated at 6 am, Wednesday, August 31st.  This new structure enables a fully coordinated effort between state, regional, local and federal partners. These centers will bring VTrans resources directly to the affected areas.  National Guard and FEMA resources will also be deployed from these Command Centers.  VTrans has also enlisted assistance from the private sector contractors and federal agencies to meet the needs of this emergency and is redeploying personnel from all sectors of the agency to address the challenge.  A current listing of closed and re-opened roads on the state system is below and updates will be provided again tomorrow as available.  We continue to gather information on the town road system and will provide when available. STATE HIGHWAY SEGMENT CLOSURE UPDATE 08/30/2011 6:15PM VT 100B0.000000007.81800000MoretownROAD CLOSED VT 1070.000000004.27300000BethelROAD CLOSED VT 1170.000000000.74800000RichmondREOPENED VT 1030.000000001.82200000LudlowREOPENED #30# VT 305.430000006.56600000CastletonROAD CLOSED VT 1030.000000007.68300000Mt. HollyREOPENED VT 1030.204000002.13200000WallingfordREOPENED VT 12A0.000000004.07500000NorthfieldROAD CLOSED US 71.239000003.96100000Rutland TownROAD CLOSED VT 170.000000000.10000000StarksboroDAYTIME CLOSURE VT 730.000000003.19400000SudburyROAD CLOSED VT 1050.000000003.70000000BerkshireROAD CLOSEDcenter_img VT 1170.000000002.89300000JerichoREOPENED VT 300.000000005.15500000HubbardtonROAD CLOSED US 20.000000006.37900000RichmondREOPENED US 50.000000004.32000000BurkeREOPENED VT 1310.000000001.30000000WeathersfieldROAD CLOSED VT 1220.000000004.35300000Lyndon1 LANE OPEN VT 120.000000001.38300000BethelROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000008.39900000WestonROAD CLOSED US 70.000000007.52000000ManchesterREOPENED VT 1000.000000003.59300000JamaicaROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000009.72600000PlymouthROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000009.68700000GranvilleROAD CLOSED VT 1000.480000000.50000000Waitsfield1 LANE OPEN VT 1251.013000004.10700000MiddleburyROAD CLOSED VT 12A0.000000007.18900000BraintreeROAD CLOSED VT 120.000000007.93200000ElmoreREOPENED VT 12A0.000000004.07500000RoxburyROAD CLOSED US 50.000000007.01200000LyndonREOPENED VT 730.000000003.61000000GoshenROAD CLOSED VT 7B0.000000000.91500000ClarendonROAD CLOSED VT 1000.000000000.96700000BridgewaterROAD CLOSED VT 110.000000008.33700000ChesterROAD CLOSED I 89 NB90.9070000097.87300000ColchesterREOPENED VT 1180.0000000010.49800000MontgomeryREOPENED US 75.835000007.09400000WallingfordROAD CLOSED US 20.000000005.66900000BoltonREOPENED VT 2420.000000005.09200000Jay1 LANE OPEN VT 5A0.000000000.65700000BurkeREOPENED VT 2420.000000003.65200000Westfield1 LANE OPEN VT 90.000000008.30000000MarlboroROAD CLOSED VT 1250.000000007.24600000HancockROAD CLOSED VT 120.710000004.00800000WoodstockROAD CLOSED VT 1170.000000004.43100000EssexREOPENED VT 1160.0000000012.26500000BristolROAD CLOSED VT 302.000000003.00000000OrwellROAD CLOSED US 20.000000004.93100000WaterburyREOPENED VT 733.115000007.51200000BrandonROAD CLOSED VT 120.000000007.85300000WorcesterROAD CLOSED VT 100B0.000000000.10400000MiddlesexROAD CLOSED VT 1490.000000001.30200000PawletREOPENED VT 1250.000000005.78600000RiptonEV ONLY VT 1030.000000009.73000000ChesterREOPENED VT 1070.000000006.70000000StockbridgeROAD CLOSED VT 90.000000005.53800000SearsburgROAD CLOSED VT 1554.282000007.60300000Mt. HollyROAD CLOSED VT 1400.000000006.34300000WallingfordREOPENED VT 90.000000009.47000000WoodfordROAD CLOSED VT 1051.450000005.16700000EnosburgREOPENED VT 1030.000000001.97900000ClarendonROAD CLOSEDlast_img

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