Why is the Belarusian League the only one that continues in Europe?

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first_imgIn Europe there is only one League active … What is it? Belarus, or Belarus as it likes to be called by its inhabitants who intend to distance themselves from the nickname “White Russia.” And why does it continue? “According to UEFA, it is up to the national federation to decide whether to postpone or continue national tournaments. The decision to continue the Belarusian Premier League was made in consultation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Belarus. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and we have full confidence in our health system. ” With that firmness Alexander Aleinik, press officer of the League, responded to the question from AS. In the country there are about 13,000 infected and the latest data is 84 deaths from COVID-19.The World Health Organization, WHO, insists that the country must close its public acts and has urged the League to stop, but this republic, with the president Aleksander Lukashenko at the helm since 1994, continues with the policy of not making a ‘lockdown’. “We are not afraid of COVID, he kills himself with work with the tractor in the field, a sauna and with a lot of vodka, ”said the leader at the beginning of the pandemic, who will also continue with the Patriotic War parade (scheduled for May 9) and left see in some voluntary days of agriculture. Meanwhile, half the world follows the Visshaya League and its matches, with all the leagues on the planet stopped except Turkmenistan and Nicaragua. “We feel the international focus, but we hope that the situation in other countries it is resolved and the other leagues are resumed in the near future ”, Aleinik explains to this medium.Belarus once faced a serious tragedy such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident and has always been characterized by its close link with Russia. Although it has taken important steps towards openness, (European Games, European skating games, major ice hockey competitions …) the country, with more than nine million inhabitants, It was one of the most closed in Europe, something that has greatly minimized the flow of people and thus reduced the spread of the coronavirus. -Ask Aleinik, and what is the level of the Belarusian Premier?– “It is difficult to say. Each league has its features and characteristics. Obviously, Spanish clubs are much higher in the UEFA club ranking. We have a solid tournament, with your favorites, but at the same time“Each club can take points from their opponent in a separate game, making it a very interesting tournament.”The current leader is the Slutsk, with his scorer Artyom Serdiuk. It is a city near Minsk the capital of (very strikingly) the cleanest streets in this country and the great epicenter of this league with four teams. This is how the clubs are distributed. “There are four clubs in our capital that participate in the Premier League: FC Dinamo-Minsk, FC Minsk, Isloch and RCOR-BSU Energetik. There are also two clubs in Brest: Dinamo-Brest and Rukh. While BATE Borisov and Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino come from cities in the Minsk region that are 10 km from each other, “says Aleinik, who communicates with AS from Minsk, a place with wide green spaces that contrasts with colossalist buildings Soviet.But if Belarus is known for anything in football, it is because of BATE Borisov, a historical rival to the Spanish team. “BATE Borisov won 15 League titles, has qualified for the UEFA Champions League group stage five times. In 2009 they faced Real Madrid, in 2012 and 2015 – Barcelona, ​​in 2012 Valencia and in 2014 they achieved victory over Athletic Bilbao ”, recalls Aleinik, from a team that He won all the titles between 2006 and 2018 with his star Ihar Stasevich. However, in the last League the Dynamo of Brest prevailed. A level league, the most in Europe. SERGEI GAPON & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>A spectator during the match between FC Minsk and Dynamo Minsk.SERGEI GAPON (AFP)last_img

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