District Commissioner Outraged over Lawlessness in Tappita

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first_imgThe Administrative District Commissioner of Doe District located within the Tappita Statutory District, Mr. Samuel Wehyee is outraged over the continued lawlessness within his district.Speaking to the Daily Observer on Monday, he said the acts of lawlessness within his district are posing serious threats to security for both the local authority and the citizens in general.Mr. Wehyee is infuriated over the recent murder of a 25yr old man who was stabbed to death in Dounpa town by his friend identified as Chris Slamiah on January 30th at the football field.Commissioner Wehyee said that on the night of 28th January, the perpetrator, Chris Slamiah and the victim, Dadah Vaye got into a confrontation during a wake keeping and during the argument Dada bit the perpetrator Chris on his face.He narrated that after the confrontation, the matter was taken to the Township Commissioner who sent the wounded person to a clinic for treatment pending an investigation.Commissioner Wehyee explained that while the case was pending until Chris recovered from the bite, Chris took a kitchen knife to the football field where Dadah was playing on Friday January 30th and stabbed Dadah four times in the chest, neck and stomach killing him instantly in retaliation for biting him. “After stabbing his friend to death, he fled into the bushes and was later arrested in a nearby town and taken to the police station in Saclapea,” said the Commissioner.Mr. Wehyee added that immediately after the boy died, his parent went after the parent of the perpetrator to take revenge on any of the family members.He maintained that, during the tension, a house belonging to the perpetrator’s family was broken down and their rice kitchen in their village set ablaze.“In the process, 14 members of the perpetrator’s family fled into the bushes for several days before reporting themselves to authorities in another town which is located far from where the incident occurred.Commissioner Wehyee’s frustration is apparently due to the escalation of killings with impunity in the area.  Those who were involved in killing a man in Zua Town in late November were reportedly released from prison in Sanniquellie.It can be recalled that late last year, a man was tortured to death in Zua Town by a country devil and its followers after the man allegedly broke the town’s rule.Dounpa, where the boy was stabbed to death has a common boundry with Zua Town where the 58 year old man was tortured to death last year.The commissioner explained that the five persons arrested in connection with the torture and killing of the 58 year old man last year were recently seen going about their normal activities after being freed from Sanniquellie jail.He said the wave of lawlessness and killings in the district is causing fear among the citizens and restricting their freedom of movement.“We are afraid with this kind of lawlessness in the district because we do not have any security to accompanying us to the crime scene. There are only nine police officers in a large district like Tappita which comprises four administrative districts including Gbi – Doru. Kparblee, Doe and Boe and Quellah,” he said.“Even as we speak, our local office staffs including the messengers, clerk and other officers, are not on payroll and we cannot press on them,” he concluded.A police source at the Nimba Police Detachment has confirmed the stabbing incident and said that the perpetrator had been transferred to a local police station and is undergoing investigation. But unconfirmed reports reaching this paper said that the perpetrator was severely beaten by mobs upon his arrest.Dounpa and Zua Town in early 2008 were at loggerheads in land disputes during which several citizens were wounded in single barrel gun fights.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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