Manage Project Files and Assets Online in the Creative Cloud

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first_imgThe Creative Cloud Desktop AppThe Creative Cloud Desktop App is the hub to manage your Adobe applications and assets. Download, update, and open software apps on your desktop straight from your desktop app.Aren’t familiar with one of the programs? Adobe provides shortcuts to tutorials on their website, and you can find the latest on Premiere Pro and After Effects on the PremiumBeat blog.You’ll also notice an area where you can manage creative cloud assets. A display shows the amount of cloud storage available and provides access to the assets via the web or on your local drive. First, let’s take a look at how to manage assets via the web.Manage Assets on the WebIn the Assets tab of the desktop app, you’ll notice two different ways to access your Creative Cloud files: desktop and the web. Clicking the View on Web button will bring me to my Assets page on Adobe’s website.Here, I can upload new files straight to the cloud as well as organize my assets into folders. (Note: it’s easy to get Files confused with Libraries, which you’ll also find here. Think of files strictly as online storage, much like Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud. Libraries operates differently, working in conjunction with Library panels in Creative Cloud apps.)Manage Assets on DesktopI can set up my preferences to save all of my Creative Cloud assets directly to my desktop (which I’ve already taken care of prior to this tutorial.) Now, in the desktop app, it shows me an Open Folder shortcut button, which I can click to navigate to the folder on my local drive.Whenever I add assets via the web, it will sync in my Creative Cloud folder on my desktop. Likewise, whenever I add folders or files to my Creative Cloud folder on my local drive, it will sync with the cloud.Manage Assets on MobileIn addition to web and desktop modes, you can manage assets with the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app. Once you download the app, simply log in with your Adobe ID. You can view, edit, share, copy, and add to your files via the mobile app.Share & CollaborateThe real power of using cloud storage is the opportunity to work with other people. Share your work with the world via a simple link, or collaborate with a team.With collaboration, you can limit others’ access to basic view and commentary, or offer collaborators the ability to edit, rename, move, or delete assets.Do you use Adobe Creative Cloud to manage collaborative assets? Let us know in the comments. Your Creative Cloud account allows you to store, manage, and share your videos, project files, and more online.Top image via Shutterstock.If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, then you have available cloud storage you may not know about. You can store, access, manage, and share cloud assets in a variety of different ways, from desktop to mobile.Whether you want to collaborate with a team or just want to make all of your assets accessible on various devices, the Adobe Creative Cloud can help. All you need is your Adobe ID and an internet connection.Let’s take a closer look at each method.last_img

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