DutchMoroccan girl with diabetes mistakenly arrested for drugaddiction

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first_imgCasablanca- Sometimes cops hastily jump to conclusions! Yosra Aajir, a 17-year-old Dutch-Moroccan girl with diabetes was recently arrested in a store in The Hague, The Netherlands, after two guards had mistaken her for a drug addict who was injecting drugs and urinating in the store.Yosra Aajir, 17, and of Moroccan origins, accompanied one of her friends to a store. Once in, she abruptly felt that the level of her blood glucose increased.Yosra then rushed into a fitting room to test her blood sugar level. She was surprised when her blood meter indicated 33.3, which was evidently too high. In a hurry, Yosra pulled her pants down to inject insulin. As she did so, she had some urine leakage, something that typically happens to people who have diabetes.Two store guards drew open the fitting room’s curtain to surprise her injecting insulin surrounded by urine on the floor. Shocked by their discovery, the store guards mistook Yosra for a drug addict who hid behind the curtain to inject drugs.Yosra was then taken to the office of the HEMA, a Dutch discount retail chain. Meanwhile, her friend vainly tried to convince the guards that Yosra had diabetes and that what they had seen behind the fitting room’s curtain was what all people with diabetes typically do.Yosra was allegedly treated like a criminal, harshly pushed against the wall and had her hands cuffed before she was taken to the police station.“I was arrested for shop destruction through urine,” Yosra told a Durtch news source. “I spent four hours in a police cell, and when I showed my medical certificate, they said, ‘That’s probably a trick to be allowed out of the cell way earlier. So do many immigrants.”Yosra’s arrest has stirred indignation among Moroccans in The Netherlands as well as in Morocco. Ahmed Marcouch, a Moroccan MP, is expected to ask questions to the Minister of Justice in The Netherlands.In the same vein, the Islam Democrats Party has written questions to The Hague mayor and some council members.“We are tired to be treated as second-class citizens,” Abdelbasset Zaghdoud, a Moroccan-Dutch told MWN.“Dutch pride HEMA, the security store guards and the police have to come with an apology,” he added.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img

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