Spains Red Cross Official Accused of Sexually Abusing 3 Moroccan Minors

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Rabat – A local official of the Spanish Red Cross is accused of sexually abusing three Moroccan minors.Joaquim Homs, who was the president of the Red Cross in the city of Banyoles located in the province of Girona in northeastern Catalonia, is suspected of sexually abusing three young Moroccans between 2006 and 2011 in exchange for employment and status legalization.According to Spanish media reports, the victims claim that Joaquim Homs had been forcing the three minors into sleeping naked with him. He also kissed them and touched their genitals. According to Spanish website 20minutos, one of the victim said that the suspect used to tell them that the “touching and kissing were normal, that they love them and was the only who could help them.The victim added that Homs did what “he wanted with them” and took advantage of the fact that they depended on him for their livelihood in the country.Most of the abuses took place in his home, but also in the offices of the Red Cross and even inside ambulances.The same source added that the prosecutor requested 18 years in prison for the former Red Cross local official on three counts of sexual abuse and child prostitution. He could also pay a fine of 7,200 euros and 9,000 euros to the three victims as a compensation.

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