UNP condemns fuel price hike

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He also said that although the government had promised a Rs. 1500 salary allowance for government servants in the 2013 budget the government was seemingly attempting to recover that money through a fuel price increase. The opposition UNP has condemned the decision to increase the price of petrol octane 90 with effect from yesterday.UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake, in a statement, said that the price increase will affect even the ordinary man who uses a motorcycle and three-wheeler. Attanayake says that on average a family which uses 2 litres of petrol a day is now compelled to increase its spending on petrol by Rs. 600 which is equal to 10 kilos of rice or 5 kilos of sugar. Both the CPC and LIOC announced yesterday that the price of petrol octane 90 had been increased by Rs. 10 per litre.

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