Sulzer offers exchange wheel sets for mine haul trucks

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first_imgMining operations run continuously and any time for maintenance needs to be minimised. One of the major procedures is the overhaul of mine haul truck wheel sets, and for customers that operate the popular Komatsu 930E, the time to complete this task has been greatly reduced by Sulzer’s new exchange program. As one of the world’s leading independent maintenance providers, Sulzer says it understands the needs and demands of the mining sector “and has been using its engineering expertise to deliver operational excellence for these large haul trucks for many years.”Modern mining equipment has to operate round-the-clock in order to be productive. Central to open-cast mining operations are the haul trucks which bring the raw materials out of the mine for processing. Over the years, haul trucks have grown to gigantic proportions, capable of carrying up to 500 short tons and they rely on the rear drive axle to propel the enormous vehicle and its payload.One of the most widely used mine haul trucks is the Komatsu 930E, which uses a GE 106Y wheel set, and is capable of carrying 390 short tons. Operating multiple shifts every day in order to maximize efficiency means that the wheel set typically needs to be rebuilt every four years, a service that Sulzer has performed for its customers for many years.“Now the downtime for a wheel set refurbishment can be drastically reduced with the launch of Sulzer’s exchange program. Recent investment by the company has enabled it to deliver completely refurbished wheel sets in exchange for a component due for overhaul. This reduces maintenance time to an absolute minimum, allowing the customer to maximize productivity.”The GE 106Y wheel set uses electrical power to drive a traction motor, connected to a drive shaft which drives the epicyclic reductions in the wheel hub. Constant use to move thousands of tonnes of material every day in such an unforgiving environment leads to wear that needs to be repaired in order to ensure continued service. Initially this work is carried out by the OEM under a service agreement, but when the contracts expire, end users are able to take advantage of independent engineering providers such as Sulzer.Sulzer says it has fully equipped and experienced engineers in its service centres to remanufacture complete wheel sets to OEM standards. The exchange program takes in wheel sets that are due for overhaul and sends out a fully rebuilt and tested replacement, ensuring continued reliability and productivity. The wheel sets that are received undergo an extensive refurbishment process that includes replacement of all worn or damaged components, non-destructive testing of all geared components as well as comprehensive electrical and mechanical testing.“In addition, proven modifications to the original design can also be introduced to the refurbished component, further improving the reliability and durability of the vehicle. The rebuilt wheel sets come with standard warranty terms that exceed the OEM offering. For complete peace of mind, this warranty can be tailored to suit the operational conditions of a particular mine.”last_img

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