80 percent of mobile malware runs on Android

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first_imgThe actual figure is 79%, but that’s still more than enough to make Android the king of mobile malware. That comes with the territory when you’re the most popular mobile operating system in the world and when it’s a comparatively small task to do things like flash unofficial ROMs, root a device, or install applications from untrusted third-party markets.It’s hard to fathom now, but just two years ago it was Symbian that held the top spot on this list, according to security firm F-Secure. Nowadays, however, Android is a much juicier target. In fact, Android ran the table on F-Secure’s list of the top 30 mobile malware detections. At the midway point in 2012, F-Secure tallied around 5,000 Android threats. By the end of the year that number had skyrocketd to more than 60,000.The F-Secure report also breaks down the kinds of threats that are plaguing mobile users. Trojans are far and away the most common threat, accounting for nearly 70% of all mobile malware. The unfortunate thing for Android users is that trojanized apps haven’t just been limited to fly-by-night Chineses app stores. Some have managed to sneak past the  Bouncer and into Google Play — though fortunately they’re always ferreted out in short order. Rounding out the mobile threat pie is malware like  monitoring tools, adware, and hack tools.Apart from the rise of Android as a target, there’s been another upswing in mobile malware. More than half of all mobile malware is now built with the goal of making profit, and that’s especially true of Android threats. While the percentages are fairly close on Symbian (which remained in second place in 2012), the vast majority of Android malware is out to make its creators money.Fortunately for users, the most targeted platform is also the one with the most defense options. After flipping through the F-Secure report, you might want to head to Google Play and install a solid anti-malware app (if you don’t have one installed already).last_img

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