Evo 2013 crowd boo mention of Xbox One and Microsoft on stage

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first_imgLast week the Evo Championships were held in Las Vegas. We’ve already reported the big news coming out of the event in the form of Ultra Street Fighter IV being announced. But something else happened during the proceedings that demonstrates Microsoft still has a lot to do to win the gaming crowd back for Xbox One.Double Helix Games attended Evo 2013 to show off Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. The gameplay on show wasn’t received that well by attendees. After the gameplay, MadCatz came out on stage with a representative from Double Helix. The intention was to announce a special arcade stick being created for the release of Killer Instinct. As you can see in the video below, as soon as Microsoft and the Xbox One are mentioned, the crowd starts to boo, much to the surprise of both the MadCatz and the Double Helix representatives.The community that follows fighting games and tournaments could be seen as a relatively small part of the overall gaming community, but then Street Fighter games can still sell millions of copies. It’s unclear if the boos were aimed more at Killer Instinct, Microsoft, the Xbox One, or all three in this instance.Microsoft does need to react to this, though. Find out what was being booed specifically. If it was Killer Instinct then Double Helix needs to listen and figure out what exactly these gamers don’t like. After all, it’s that exact crowd that they want buying the game, and MadCatz want buying the arcade stick.If it turns out it was the Xbox One being booed, then we already know that Microsoft has some bridge building to do. It already took the first step to doing that by dropping the always-connected requirement for its next console. The mandatory Kinect sensor still remains an issue, and an expensive one at that, but regardless, Microsoft needs to get any and all gamers excited about the Xbox One again as soon as possible. This incident is a clear sign they aren’t managing to do that yet.Thanks to Mirimon for the heads-up on this video.last_img

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