Malwarebytes offers malware removal USB stick for 500 per year

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first_imgHave a whole army of PCs to maintain? Malwarebytes has introduced a new tool to help you keep them infection free: the Techbench USB thumbdrive. If you move fast, you can score one for just $400 for the first year… a savings of $100!Obviously Techbench isn’t aimed at individuals looking after a half dozen PCs in a home or small business. It’s designed for the guys and gals in the trenches who spend their days uprooting trojans, viruses, and crapware from customers’ computers.Malwarebytes has been a go-to tool in the technician’s toolbox for many years, but it probably hasn’t generated the kind of revenue the company would like it to. Why? Because there’s a free version available, and many techs are “forgetting” to adhere to the licensing terms when they toss it onto a client’s machine to clean up a nasty infection.How do you convert would-be misusers? By offering something better. Yes, $500 a year is a steep premium to pay. But Malwarebytes Techbench gives technicians a copy of the app that’s good for unlimited use in a commercial setting.It’s also fully portable and can run on a system even when resident malware would be able to block a traditional installation. Malwarebytes uses an obfuscation system the company calls Chameleon to keep it from being detected.There’s also an option to install a local copy once the clean up process completes — just in case you want to arm your customers with the tools to defend themselves. Oh, and you also get to do whatever you want with the remaining 15GB or so that aren’t being used by Techbench.If your home network is so infection-prone that you’re actually considering shelling out $500 a year for Techbench, pause for a moment. You’d probably be better off purchasing more robust realtime antimalware software, picking up a router with built-in scanning, and maybe taking a class or two about staying safe online.last_img

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