This is Fine meme dog being turned into a plushie

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first_img‘This is Fine’ has become one of the most-used memes of our time, probably because it so succinctly describes someone being in denial. It’s been used for nearly everything and everyone, from companies going bankrupt to sports organizations ignoring controversies, and it made for an incredibly memorable Adult Swim ad. The GOP even tried to use it during the Democratic National Convention (and failed miserably.)The meme actually comes from K.C. Green’s Gunshow webcomic #648 and is titled In Fire. The popular two-panel version of the comic features a dog calmly sipping coffee as everything burns down around him, and the original version goes even further to show the effects.Now you can bring the dog home, thanks to a new Kickstarter that’s seeking funding to create a line of plushes based on him. The dog, whose name has actually been revealed as Question Hound, is a 13″ soft plush doll and has “THIS IS FINE” stamped on his coffee mug. The project launched today and has already doubled its funding goal, with 29 days to go.If you want one you can pledge $25 dollars, or go for the $35 option if you’re a super fan. That level will also give you a fold up house that depicts a house on fire to put your plush in, three different stickers (including the final image of the melting dog) and a “This is Fine” magnet. If you want multiple dogs they have that option as well.Sadly for purists, this dog is made of fire-resistant materials. But on the Kickstarter K.C. stresses that your dog, fine as he may be, will still light on fire, much as our society seems to currently be doing.This is K.C. Green’s second Kickstarter project. His first, a Gunshow collection, was successfully funded last year. If you’re a fan of the author’s webcomic and sad that he doesn’t make any money when people constantly post his art in regards to what’s going on in the world, here’s your chance to repay him.last_img

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