Legends of Tomorrow Makes Zombies Feel New and Fun Again

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first_img DC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC NewsOur Favorite TV Superheroes Ranked Stay on target After last week’s boring, predictable trip to feudal Japan, Legends of Tomorrow needed a fast-paced, fun and just a little ridiculous episode like this to bounce back. The fact that it reminded us that zombies can still be fun, even after years of abuse from The Walking Dead is a nice bonus. We see another time traveler, a pirate, communicating with someone named Dontar about a heist he pulled off in 2235. He says they were able to smuggle the “TX-90” out, but one of his crew mates got infected and killed everyone. His ship crashes into Civil War-era America, where Confederate soldiers are pointing guns at him. They tell him not to move, but he begins to turn into a zombie.On the Waverider, Martin and Jax are listening to the message from future Barry Allen again. It says that war is coming. Sarah calls them into the library, where they’ve found the time pirate’s message. They tracked him to Mississippi in 1863, apparently the bloodiest year in American history. Sarah instructs the now-powerless Ray to stay behind. Martin expresses concern that Jax may face some harsh racism in this time period. Jax says he can take care of himself and reminds Martin that there isn’t a time they could go to where he wouldn’t be subjected to some kind of racism.They find the time pirate’s escape pod and Mick blows it up with his heat gun. They rescue a dispatch named Henry Scott, a freed former slave stealing secrets for the union, from some Confederate soldiers. The soldiers seem to survive Heatwave’s blast and as they get closer, are revealed to be zombies, which Martin has an irrational fear of. They fight off the zombies, but Scott has fallen onto a bayonet during the fight. He asks Jax to finish his mission for him.Martin (Victor Garber) and Ray (Brandon Routh) try to cure Mick (Dominic Purcell) of his zombie infection. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Back on the Waverider, we learn that the TX-90 is a futuristic bioweapon that makes zombies. Mick collapses, and Ray finds out that he’s been bitten. He begins to work on a cure while Nate discovers that the South has now won the Civil War. Jax says it’s probably partially because Scott never got to carry out his orders. Ulysses S. Grant had charged him with stealing confederate troop movement orders that help win the Battle of Champion Hill.They go back to Mississippi and split up into two groups. Sarah and Nate go to warn the Union Army about the Confederate zombies. They’re captured as they get too close to the camp. Sarah and Nate are taken to Ulysses S. Grant, who accuses them of being confederate spies. Nate introduces himself as Colonel Sanders, and Sarah tries to explain what a zombie is. When Grant doesn’t get it, she returns with the still-living head of a zombie. She says a whole hoard is less than a mile from the camp.When the soldiers spend most of their ammo, and there’s still a whole host of zombies attacking the camp, Sarah sees a box of nitro glycerin and comes up with a plan. When the zombies attack the camp, the soldiers put out all the fires and Nate distracts them with a torch. The zombies all run after him, and he leads them to the case of nitro in the middle of the field. He turns himself into steel so the bites can’t hurt him and ignites the box, killing all the zombies. When the blast clears, they find Nate alive under a pile of zombie guts.Citizen Steel (Nick Zano) saves the Union. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Meanwhile, Jax and Amaya plan to sneak into a plantation house and steal the plans. While they’re waiting until dark so they can sneak in, they see a slave, a young woman, being beaten. Amaya wants to help, but Jax stops her. He says if they blow their cover now, they won’t be able to steal the plans and the South will win the war.At night, Jax follows Scott’s plan to dress up as a slave and infiltrate a cotillion. Amaya isn’t happy about the plan and stays behind to communicate with him. As Jax searches for the plans, he bumps into a woman and is taken to the barn by the slave owner he saw earlier. He’s chained to a pole and punched, knocking his communicator loose. He speaks with the slaves in the barn and hears about the horrors they face every day. They tell him that the reason they don’t go insane is because that’s what their owners want them to do.Still a better southern zombie show than The Walking Dead. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Amaya gets tired of waiting and walks into the party herself. She has no time to pretend to be a slave, and one of the plantation owners takes her to the barn too. She knocks him out and frees Jax, who insists on freeing the rest of the people chained up in the barn. They’re about to escape the barn but are met by a hoard of zombies. Amaya takes most of the slaves to safety and Jax runs back into the house to look for the plans. After a satisfying moment where the plantation owner is eaten by zombies, one of the now-former slaves leads Jax upstairs. He grabs a lamp, and drops it down the stairs, lighting the house and the zombies on fire. They escape with the plans. Jax delivers the plans to General Grant and tells him his name is Henry Scott.Back on the Waverider, Ray makes a serum for Mick. Before he can fully inject the serum, Mick wakes up. Now there’s a zombie on the loose inside the Waverider and Ray and Martin are trapped in the galley. Ray climbs through the vents to retry the injection, but Mick ends up right behind him and knocks him out. Martin has to confront his fears and try it himself. Mick ends up on top of him, but Ray’s serum kicks in. Mick is himself again, but very confused as to why he’s on top of Martin. Once everything is back to normal, Ray tells Mick he doesn’t feel himself without his suit. Mick thanks Ray for getting him back to normal by giving him Captain Cold’s old gun. Ray will become Heatwave’s new partner.This episode was certainly a step up from last week. The team being split up and unable to help each other added some tension and there was a lot of great character development. While the horrors of slavery were mostly glossed over, there were a couple of scenes that dealt with them in a way that felt honest without being heavy handed. Those scenes also made it much more satisfying to watch the plantation owners be eaten by zombies before their house went up in flames. Sarah also makes a great captain, which makes the dynamic between the Legends more fun to watch. Ray being the new Captain Cold should also make things interesting. Definitely want to see where that goes next week.last_img

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