Were Past Patiently Waitin For This Lego Hamilton Set

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first_img Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you’re aware of this whole Hamilton phenomenon. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical brought home a boatload of Tonys, and now it’s been turned into an amazing Lego set.Behold, Hamilton: A Lego Musical! Creator doniazade has done a terrific job of replicating the actual stage. There’s a working turntable at center stage, a hinged staircase, and another staircase that can be wheeled around.“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine…”All the key characters from the musical are included — Hamilton and his beloved Eliza, her sisters Peggy and Angelica, accused traitor and jealous duelist Aaron Burr, Washington, Jefferson, and their flamboyant French ally the Marquis de Lafayette. Even King George has turned, if only to remind everybody that he’s planning to send a fully armed battalion to remind them of his “love.”The set is already cruising toward 5,000 supporters which puts it halfway to the magical 10,000 vote mark required to put it in front of Lego’s reviewers. There’s no guarantee that they’ll approve it, of course. In the latest round, all but two sets were rejected, and one (Voltron) is still being scrutinized.If you’re motivated enough, you don’t have to wait to see whether the Lego gods decide to make the Hamilton set a reality. Source your own bricks and start building like doniazade did! Just make sure you order pieces to make a minifig Mike Pence so your diminutive cast can implore him to work on behalf of all minifigs at the end of their performance. ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ Is Still the ‘Hamilton…‘The Doctor’ Reimagines Gallifrey’s Time Lord as ̵… Stay on targetlast_img

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