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Boskalis’ vessel hijacked offshore E. Guinea

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first_imgEl patrullero Serviola @Armada_esp, ?? que se encontraba patrullando al oeste de Malabo, en el Golfo ee Guinea, liberó a la tripulación de un mercante maltés que se encontraba aislada en la ciudadela, en acción conjunta con una fragata guineana, sin encontrar piratas a bordo. pic.twitter.com/Lv5XrFa4RY— Estado Mayor Defensa (@EMADmde) May 7, 2019 Dutch firm Boskalis has informed that its heavy transport vessel Blue Marlin was hijacked on Sunday approximately 80 nautical miles offshore Equatorial Guinea.Blue Marlin / Image by the Spanish NavyIn a statement on Tuesday announcing the news, Boskalis said that “through the professional response of the crew and the coordinated support from the navy of Equatorial Guinea and Spain, the violent hijacking has been ended and the crew was safely freed.”According to Boskalis, after unloading a cargo in the waters of Equatorial Guinea, the Blue Marlin departed last Sunday with destination Malta.“Sunday afternoon, the ship was unlawfully boarded from a zodiac by several armed pirates. By acting quickly and professionally, all twenty crew members were able to secure themselves in the citadel,” Boskalis said.A citadel is a secured space in the vessel equipped with various means of communication and emergency rations“Upon alerting the local authorities of Equatorial Guinea and the NATO mission MDAT-GoG (Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea), two helicopters were immediately mobilized from Equatorial Guinea, followed by a navy vessel of Equatorial Guinea and one from the Spanish navy, part of the MDAT-GoG mission,” Boskalis said.“Monday morning at daylight, the Blue Marlin was boarded and fully searched by the navy of Equatorial Guinea and Spain. No pirates were found and the crew was freed from the citadel. All the crew members are in good health. The pirates shot several times during their time aboard the Blue Marlin and caused substantial material damage on the bridge, preventing the ship from being sailable. The vessel is currently approximately 40 miles offshore Equatorial Guinea, in international waters,” Boskalis added.After the freeing of the Blue Marlin, the Spanish naval vessel left Monday afternoon, followed in the evening by the naval vessel of Equatorial Guinea. The latter vessel left five armed guards on board to protect the Blue Marlin. Boskalis has now mobilized a oceangoing tug to take the Blue Marlin to a safe location, Boskalis said.The Spanish Defense Ministry tweeted that its Serviola patrol vessel freed the crew from the citadel, without finding the pirates aboard.last_img read more

LeBron James Says LA Lakers will Take Time to Gel

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first_imgJames, who averaged 27.5 points, a career-high 9.1 assists and 8.6 rebounds last season, finished with six assists but at times he also looked out of sync with his new team-mates.“It’s not instant oatmeal. It’s not that fast,” James said. “It takes some time to get that chemistry where you can just close your eyes and know exactly where guys are.“I liked our fight to get back into the game when we were down double digits. I liked the way we competed at times. I liked the way we shared the ball as well. Those were all positive.“There are some things that we could do better. We can rebound a lot better, we had some turnovers, which I expected. Us just trying to get a feel for one another.”Lakers coach Luke Walton said of James: “Glad he’s on our team. He’s pretty good at the game of basketball.”Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram LeBron James could not reverse a string of losing debut games with new NBA teams as his Los Angeles Lakers era began with defeat at Portland.James scored a game-high 26 points, including two rim-rattling dunks, and had 12 rebounds but the Portland Trail Blazers spoiled his Lakers debut with a 128-119 victory at the Moda Center arena.The basketball world had been waiting months to see the 33-year-old James in the purple and gold jersey and when the moment arrived he electrified the Portland crowd, but ultimately he couldn’t prevent the Lakers from dropping their 16th straight game to the Trail Blazers.last_img read more

Demasters of fine art Modern games turned into beautiful PSOne demakes

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first_imgIf the internet has beaten anything to death, it’s an original piece of media or art remade in another style or as if it were from another era. Disney princesses as Marvel heroes, anything and everything as each Doctor from Doctor Who, and video games remade as different genres are just a few instances of the phenomenon running rampant. Sometimes, though, the resulting artwork is impressive and engaging rather than something that causes an eye roll because, really, how many times can you put the fourth Doctor’s scarf on things that aren’t the fourth Doctor?This time around, NeoGAF users banded together to demake some of the most iconic modern video games — BioShock, Dota 2, The Last of Us, and so on — as PSOne-era classics. Each image makes you wish developers put as much effort into demakes as they do HD remakes and remasters.The most impressive demakes are of the games that are known for their atmosphere, from the oppressively bleak post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, to the underwater dystopia of BioShock’s Rapture. Somehow, the NeoGAF users were able to maintain each game’s carefully crafted atmosphere and vibe, and one user even provided an animated GIF to really give you a sense of how the game would move.Despite the blurry textures and simple polygons, some of the images do look better than what the original PlayStation had to offer in terms of the volume of assets stuffed into one still. The users created the images mainly by running screenshots through image editors, and ripping and combining assets from other games.Check out the gallery above, and be thankful none of the renditions are saddled with a long, flowing, semi-rainbow scarf. To check out more gorgeous demakes, head on over to the NeoGAF thread. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY tlou_demaketlou_demakeThe Last of Us demade is very reminiscent of the original Silent Hill.tlou_demake2Again, similar to Silent Hill, but with the iconic wall-hugging from Metal Gear Solid.tlou_demake3Once again, The Last of Us looking just like Silent Hill.BioShock demakeImpressively, the BioShock demake keeps the moody, unique atmosphere from the original.BioShock demake GIFA semi-animated GIF of a BioShock demake shows how you’d move through the game.Watch Dogs demakeRather than staying completely true to Watch Dogs, this was made in the vein of an original PlayStation mascot platformer, complete with wacky, brightly colored platforms. Silent Hill textures were used.Dota 2 demakeThis demake of Dota 2 actually looks pretty nice.Crysis demakeRather than ripping textures from games, this Crysis demake spliced images from Doom, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Crysis itself.Kingdom hearts demakeThe famous palm tree scene from Kingdom Hearts, demade to look one generation older.The Last of Us demade is very reminiscent of the original Silent Hill.last_img read more